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What are the Differences Between Hole Punching, Notching and Drilling?

When plate and sheet is formed at the mill, it is usually just beginning its fabrication journey.

What is a Ferrous Metal?

There are many different categories into which metals can be placed.

What are the Differences Between 6082 and 7075 Aluminium?

When it comes to structural metal fabrication, perhaps only one metal gets anywhere near the attention given to steel, and that is aluminium.

What is Galvalume?

Protecting steel from oxidation is a must for many projects.

What Is White Rust?

Galvanising is a coating process that protects an underlying steel from rust using a protective layer of zinc.

Measuring Metal Strength (Part 2) – How to Measure Ductility and Hardness

What Is Ductility? Ductility is the ability of a metal to deform without fracturing.

Metals That Don’t Rust

Rust compromises the mechanical characteristics of metal, alters the chemical properties, and is (usually) not considered aesthetically pleasing.

Measuring Metal Strength (Tensile & Impact Strength)

When selecting a metal for a specific project, one of the most important considerations – especially when it comes to structural applications – is tensile strength and impact strength.