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What is Safety Grating?

Safety Grating

Safety Grating is a high-strength metal grating designed to provide a rugged, non-slip solution for industrial applications that require extra traction under the foot. Safety Grating is a sheet or channel, cut with a pattern that allows for easy drainage of liquid and debris. The pattern commonly includes an elevated surface for enhanced grip along the entire length of the grating.

The high strength nature of Safety Grating means the grating has a high allowable load limit, while the grating remains highly maneuverable and allows for easy on site cutting, customization, and installation.

Safety Grating is generally low-maintenance and corrosion resistant (Stainless, Aluminium and Galvanised) making it a popular choice for enhancing safety while reducing clean-up in industrial settings.

What is Safety Grating used for?

Safety Grating is primarily used to reduce the risk of slips and falls and can be installed in any location where there is a high risk of these accidents occurring. It can be used in any indoor or outdoor location and is ideal for areas where the risk of slips and falls may be increased due to water, mud, ice, snow, grease, or other detergents. The nature of the grated design allows for the drainage of fluids, mud, or dirt and ensure a slip free walkway.

Typical uses for Safety Grating include:

  • Stairs and steps
  • Scaffolding and work platforms
  • Catwalks
  • Vehicle steps or access trays
  • Roof access or walkways
  • Balconies
  • Non-slip industrial flooring for wet areas.

The lightweight nature allows the grating to be easily transported and installed anywhere, and the ease of handling the grating sections means that shaping, cutting and custom installation can be conducted on site with little fuss.

Safety Grating is manufactured in fixed lengths to allow installation to be completed by a single person, and the modular nature of the grating means that no matter the length required, maxes it suitable for a variety of environments.

How is Safety Grating made?

Safety Grating is popularly made from carbon steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, or austenitic stainless steel. In the case of channel grating, the steel or aluminium is first cold formed into the shape of a channel. The outline of these holes is raised and serrated for increased traction.  These holes provide the open area required for a high level of drainage while still retaining a high working load. The stamped holes also contribute to a weight reduction allowing for easier transport.

There are many variations and patterns that are used for safety grating. Perhaps the most common is Strut which consists of diamond shaped holes with a raised, serrated surface.

Once the steel sheet has been cut to size and stamped, it can be hot dipped to galvanise the grating to provide corrosion resistance. In some cases, the grating has other coatings applied to further repel liquids or add additional traction.

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