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Video Blog: 6061 Aluminium Grade Guide

Trying to decide if Aluminium 6061 is the right grade for your next project? Or maybe you're just looking to grow your metal knowledge.

Difference Between Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 Pipe

Attributes such as outside diameter, wall thickness, and inside diameter all need to be understood when working with metal pipes.

What is Shot Blasting?

Dirty, oxidized or otherwise unfinished material is undesirable for many reasons.

The Melting Points of Metals

Metals are known for their ability to withstand extreme conditions.

What is Pickling and Oiling?

When certain types of metals such as steel and copper are processed at the mill, they often have surface contaminants.

Temper Designations for Aluminium

Aluminium is known for its versatility; while properties such as superb resistance to corrosion and excellent thermal conductivity are very useful in many applications, it is the flexibility and adaptability of aluminium’s mechanical properties that make it such a widely used metal.

How Long Does COVID-19 Live on Copper Surfaces?

By now most of us are aware that the deadly coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (more widely referred to as COVID-19) is transmissible from an infected person through droplets not only in the air, but on surfaces as well.

What is Case Hardening?

The ability to withstand abrasion and resist indentation are two very important attributes of certain types of metals.