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What is Dexion?


When it comes to industrial shelving, few types of materials are as popular as Dexion. Its modularity, low cost, and strength make it a great choice for storage purposes. This is why it is found in metal shops, wood working studios, large industrial warehouses, and even residential buildings around the world. This article covers what Dexion is, where the name comes from, how it is made and its uses.

What is Dexion?

Dexion is a brand of right angle steel that has had slotting cut into it. The slotting is present so that fasteners can be thread through to connect it with other pieces of Dexion or other substrates. Dexion can be obtained in a variety of lengths, and can be cut to size after purchase.

What is Dexion used for?

Because of its modularity, Dexion can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Storage applications are perhaps its most common use. Many industrial shelving units are made from varying thicknesses of Dexion depending on strength requirements. Other substrates such as brackets for wire racks or wood can be fastened to the slots found on Dexion. Shelving units made from Dexion can also easily have their height and width adjusted. Both reasons make Dexion extremely versatile for storage applications.

Additionally, Dexion can be taken apart, stacked neatly, and stored on shelving units made from Dexion.

Other uses of Dexion include work benches, bracketing for various products, and even industrial furniture. For any application that requires the strength of angle iron but with fastening flexibility, Dexion is a great option.

Where does the name “Dexion” come from?

Dexion was a company started in 1937 by Demetrius Comino. Comino was actually involved in the paper printing business and not the steel industry. He got involved in steel product manufacturing because he was frustrated by the lack of racks and shelving in the paper printing industry that could be easily rearranged or disassembled and stored easily. The creation of the company Dexion was inspired by this frustration.  While the company has many products, typically the term “Dexion” refers to that slotted angle iron which was their first offering.

There are many companies that produce similar slotted angle iron like Dexion, but for proprietary reasons it cannot be referred to as Dexion.

How is Dexion made?

Dexion is produced from a steel coil that has been slit to width and then fed through a series of rollers until a desired thickness and 90-degree angle is achieved. Once the steel has been shaped and angled, it is ready for slotting.

Many different hole and slotting patterns can be used depending on consumer preferences. These holes can be made either from machining operations such as drilling or punching or thermal processes such as laser beam cutting or plasma arc cutting.

If desired, Dexion can subsequently be galvanized or powder coated after the slotting process to give it corrosion resistance.


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