Available Grades

Stainless Steel 304/304L

Typical Applications: Dairy, beverage and food product handling/processing equipment. Used for handling acetic, nitric, and citric acids; organic and inorganic chemicals, dye stuff, crude and refined oils; instruments; hospital equipment; applications requiring welding.

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Stainless Steel 316/316L

Typical Applications: Pump shafts and parts in machinery used to process paper, textiles, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In aircraft applications, used for parts requiring low magnetic permeability and good corrosion resistance.

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Stainless Steel 321

Typical Applications: Aircraft exhaust manifolds, Expansion joints, Bellows, Furnace parts, Heating element tubing, Heat Exchangers, Woven or welded screens for high temperature mineral processing, Spiral Welded tube for burner pipes and flues

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Stainless Steel 430

Typical Applications: Linings for dish washers, Refrigerator cabinet panels, Automotive trim, Lashing Wire, Element Supports, Stove trim rings, Fasteners, Chimney Liners

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Stainless Steel 17-4 PH

Typical Applications: Aircraft and gas turbines, nuclear reactors, paper mills, oil field industry, and chemical process components.

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Stainless Steel Flat SheetStainless Steel Flat Sheet is a thin, flat piece of stainless with many applications. It is measured by its thickness (gauge). It is commonly used in the transportation, food and aerospace industry due to its light weight and resistance to corrosion. Contact your local Metal Supermarkets for more information about this metal type, shape and grades available.

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