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Metal Supermarkets Provides Seating Solutions For Athletic Facilities

bleachersAthletic Facility Managers and Maintenance Departments depend on Metal Supermarkets for their metal needs, especially when it comes to repairing and maintaining stadium seating (often known as bleachers or bench seats).

Bleacher seating was originally made out of wood and non-durable materials. Due to their high maintenance costs and weak durability, wooden bleachers were slowly phased out in favor of metal bleachers.

Today, most bleachers are made of aluminium. Aluminium’s strong resistance, light weight and non-conductive properties (which protects spectators from getting shocked), make it an ideal material.

The aluminium used to make stadium bleachers comes in many shapes and sizes. Benches, for example, are made with either Aluminium Flat Sheet or Plate. Bleacher steps are often made with Aluminium Tread Plate to prevent slipping during rainy or snowy weather. Hand rails and other support structures are often made with Aluminium Tube.

Small, portable bleachers are often made of aluminium because the material’s light weight allows for easy transportation. Permanent bleacher structures, however, are usually made with Galvanized steel. Galvanized steel has increased resistance against rust and corrosion due to its zinc coating. The strength and resistance of this metal minimizes maintenance costs of Galvanized bleachers, and makes it top choice for bigger projects.

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Metal Supermarkets is the world’s largest small-quantity metal supplier with 125 brick-and-mortar stores across the US, Canada, and United Kingdom. We are metal experts and have been providing quality customer service and products since 1985.

At Metal Supermarkets, we supply a wide range of metals for a variety of applications. Our stock includes: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, tool steel, engineering steel, brass, bronze and copper.

We carry a wide range of shapes including: bars, tubes, sheets and plates. We can cut metal to your exact specifications.

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