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Metal Supermarkets proudly supports the Candlelighters & Wakefield Running Mamas “Bed Push”

bed-push-metal-supermarkets-02Something remarkable happens when a community is faced with a tragic situation. They can become inspired, empowered, and band together to help strengthen those in need.

This is exactly what happened when Ella Rigg, an eight-year-old from Wakefield UK, was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

This tragic news motivated the mother of Ella’s best friend to organize a charity run through her running club to help raise money for Candlelighters – a Yorkshire organization that supports families with children who have been diagnosed with cancer, and had been helping Ella’s family through her treatment.

Now this wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill charity run. Participants helped to push a homemade bed-on-wheels for over 18 miles — from Newmillerdam to Leeds General Infirmary where Ella was treated. But to do this, the runners needed something to keep the bed rolling.

Metal Supermarkets Leeds provided the aluminium tubes which were secured to the bed and allowed participants to push it during the run which lasted 8 hours! The event helped raise over £2,300 for Candlelighters and helped to lift the spirits of Ella and her family and friends.

Visit the Candlelighters website to learn more about their organization.

Metal SuperMarkets Leeds is located at Overland Park Unit 4, Gelderd Road, Leeds, UK LS27 7JN.


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