Metal Supermarkets will sponsor the Southampton University Formula Student Team (SUFST) for the 2014 season. The racing team consists of 80 students from different course backgrounds, all currently enrolled at the University of Southampton. Their common goal is to design, build and race a single-seat racing car in the Formula Student Competition.

The Formula Student is an annual educational motorsport competition held in various cities across the world. Every year, groups of students from numerous universities attend the competition and are challenged to design and build a racing car in order to compete in many events. The competition acts as a stepping stone between university and the workplace, as students are able to experience real engineering and management situations.

As the world’s biggest supplier of small quantity metals, Metal Supermarkets has helped out the team with their metal and steel needs. Many custom metal cuts were supplied by the Metal Supermarkets Southampton Store in order to help the team build several parts for the racing car.

This year’s SUFST races occurred July 9th to the 13th. The team managed to top their performance from last year, improving by 20 positions.

To stay in touch with the latest SUFST news, visit the SUFST website or follow SUFST on Twitter and Facebook.

Metal Supermarkets Southampton can be found at Unit 16, Mount Pleasant Industrial, Estate Mount Pleasant Road, Southampton.

Photo by SUFST


Photo by SUFST


Photo by SUFST


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