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Metal Supermarkets Helps Fabricator Build His Own Metal Robots

metal fabricator - Metal-Man-3
Created by Wheat Ridge, Colorado area sculptor/fabricator Chris Mora, the intricate and poseable metal robots are constructed using bright steel pieces, and can be anywhere from 4’ to 8’ tall! With remarkably detailed designs, building one of the sculptures can take Chris anywhere from 80 to 350 hours. Combining his passion for robots with his fabrication and machining skills, Chris now displays his incredible robots in public spaces and galleries.

As each robot requires an average of 80 individual pieces of steel, Chris was thrilled when he first set foot inside the Metal Supermarkets store in Wheat Ridge, CO. “The first time I came to Metal Supermarkets I was amazed by the selection that was in stock,” Chris explained. “Immediately I was interested in the business and went as often as possible.” With a varied stock of bright steel at this disposal, Chris is able to get the metal he needs cut to his specifications without having to worry about buying and storing huge volumes of metal.

What also caught Chris’ attention was the Metal Supermarkets mascot, Metal Man. As a loyal customer and robot enthusiast, it only made sense that Chris create his very own Metal Man for the Wheat Ridge store. Standing at approximately 48” tall and made from both black and bright steel, the hand painted Metal Man now greets customers entering the Wheat Ridge store. It is just another example of Chris’ creativity and talents coming together with a little help from Metal Supermarkets.

Below are some photos of Chris’ work, and a time-lapse style video of Chris creating an 8’ tall robot.

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