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Project of the Month: Metal Countertop

Tread plate (also known as diamond plate or checker plate) is a type of flat rolled sheet that has a raised diamond or linear pattern on one side and is smooth on the other side. It is usually in steel, aluminium or stainless steel. Tread plate has many industrial applications. Because of its unique texture, it is often used to make walkways and ramps, where slipping is likely to occur.

It has practical and decorative applications too. It can be used to make garage cabinets, trailers, and even exercise room floors.

One of our customers, The Grinding Centre, recently found another application for tread plate – countertops!

The Grinding Center is a distributor of abrasive products, and required a sturdy yet visually-appealing material that could stand up to the wear and tear of grinding machinery.

Metal Supermarkets Govan provided the tread plate used to construct the countertop, which measures 2690mm” long. The store cut the material in two pieces, and matched the cut with the pattern for the customer. The tread plate was secured to the counter using adhesive, as opposed to silicon and screws.

The customer was very pleased with the result. “Many thanks for all your help with the top to our trade counter,” said Craig Caldwell, Managing Director of The Grinding Centre. “I am really pleased with the end result. Your lightning fast service was also much appreciated.”


Metal Countertop


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