kitchen backsplashBuilding a Stainless Steel Kitchen Back-Splash

We often get asked what type of Stainless Steel Sheet can be used as a kitchen back-splash. Stainless Steel 304 is the recommended grade. It should have a #4 brushed finish. The finish of this grade looks very similar to the type used for stainless kitchen appliances. This material can be cut to the size that you need, and can be adhered to the wall using construction adhesive.

This material comes with one-side brushed (#4 grit finish). It will have a peelable protective plastic layer that can be removed once the item has been installed. The reverse side is a plain matte finish, which can be used as the gluing surface.

You must consider the direction that you wish the brushed direction to go, before ordering your sizes. Make sure that you provide those details to one of our stores doing the cutting (or place in the comments section if ordering online). The brushed grain can either go along your length or across your width of the piece(s) that you need. A typical instruction to the store might be: “please cut with brushed grain along the 12 inch length”.

Stainless steel sheet comes in many thicknesses, from 0.125” (1/8”) thick to 0.030” (1/32”) thick. While each project may have a particular thickness in mind, the most commonly used thicknesses are 0.030” or 0.036” Thick. Please keep in mind that the thicker material will cost and weigh more.

How To Install A Stainless Steel Back-Splash

  1. Make sure that the wall is flat. Remove all build up and repair any large dents.
  2. Test the placement of the sheet. Make a supporting cleat if the backsplash is not being supported by the counter top.
  3. Lay the sheet with the finished (#4) side down on a flat surface.
  4. Apply construction adhesive to the back side (using caulking gun), making sure that the lines of adhesive go back and forth across the entire sheet.
  5. Make sure that you evenly spread the adhesive on the sheet, using a putty knife.
  6. Place the stainless steel sheet against the wall with either the bottom resting against the cleat or the countertop. Once in place press the sheet against the wall.
  7. Using a soft cloth, move from side to side of the sheet, pressing firmly to remove any air bubbles that could be behind the sheet.
  8. Once the glue has dried and the project is complete, remove the protective layer.

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