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Fashion student uses metal to create high-fashion jewelry

Tamzin Cummings, a recent graduate from Sunderland University, used metal bought from the Metal Supermarkets store in Gateshead, UK to create unique pieces of jewelry for a fashion project. Titled “The Bowline”, Tamzin’s project features aluminum, brass and copper parts meant to represent famous shipbuilding heritage of Sunderland, her home city.

“My Dad worked as a plater at Sunderland docks from the age of 16 and went on to work in Germany for 10 years. I was always fascinated by his stories and amazing photographs of the construction process,” said Cummings. “I used this inspiration to develop a unique concept of a bespoke sculptural jewelry collection using aluminum, brass, copper and glass.”

Not only did this project earn Tamzin a First Class honors degree overall, it was also featured as the cover picture in the July Edition of “etc Magazine”, A luxury lifestyle magazine distributed in the UK.

Metal Supermarkets Gateshead can be found at 269 A Queensway South, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, UK NE11 0SD.

To view photos of Tamzin’s work, you can visit her Portfolio or follow her on Twitter.

To submit your project for the next Metal Supermarkets’ “Project of the Month”, email your project to [email protected] or visit our “Project of the Month” blog post for more information.


Metal Jewelry
Photo credit: Scott Spock Photography
Metal Jewelry 2
Photo credit: Scott Spock Photography
Metal Jewelry 3
Photo credit: Scott Spock Photography



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