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Metal Supermarkets® is expanding rapidly and is always looking for experienced metals people! The ability to work in a small, resourceful team-based environment focused on delivering world-7class customer service is critical in all roles. Perhaps you don’t have any metal experience? Well we are always looking for enthusiastic, hardworking people, sales and customer service focused people wanting to grow with us, so you are welcome to get in touch. Perhaps Metal Supermarkets is the opportunity you are looking for!

Assistant Store Manager

Passionate B2B Leader Required! This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!
Our Leeds store is an operationally well organised, sales and business focused location. We are looking for an Assistant Store Manager to join our team to build on this great foundation.

Metal Supermarkets UK Limited (MS) is an owner and franchisor of metal distribution stores. MS has been active in the UK for over twenty years and is part of the Metal Supermarkets Family of Companies (MSFC), headquartered in Toronto, Canada. MSFC is the world’s largest supplier of small quantity metals with a primary focus on ‘Business to Business’ customers, such as small and large manufacturers, tool and die shops, machine shops and fabricators, hospitals, government agencies, schools and universities.

With a network of over 100 franchised or corporate stores in the United States, Canada and the UK, Metal Supermarkets is the only small quantity metal franchisor in the world. MSFC’s franchisee and corporate stores carry most standard shapes and grades of black and bright steel, aluminum, stainless, brass, and copper and will source non-stock material upon customer request. Value added services such as production cutting, hole punching and guillotining are also available at most locations.

Key Responsibilities

Warehouse and counter operations, including:

Staff management and training:

  • Personally, train staff or assist the Store Manager in staff training including warehouse, delivery, health and safety and customer service functions and processes.
  • Assist the Store Manager in ensuring that appropriate records such as training certificates are maintained and copies made sent to head office.
  • In compliance with policies, procedures and the Manager’s direction, manage all staff on day to day functions day to day, linking operations with the front office staff.
  • Work in conjunction with Store Manager and Head Office to effectively recruit for approved positions at the branch level that report to Assistant Store Manager.
  • Evaluate the performance of a members of staff that are direct reports and make recommendations to the Store Manager during annual staff review.

  • Assist the Store Manager to plan prepare work schedules, holiday requests and any necessary overtime. The Store Manager will obtain overtime authorization from the Operations Director.

Transport and deliveries

  • Managing store delivery truck servicing, MOT and repair scheduling.
  • Delivery (shipping) management to ensure a fast, efficient cost-effective delivery services are provided. This will include daily delivery route planning review with the driver(s) who are direct reports, use of tracker software to monitor the store truck and driver performance, managing and reviewing performance of outside carrier and courier services used by the store.
  • Minimise the use of store truck to pick up stock from suppliers through negotiating timely, efficient cost-effective supplier deliveries.

Purchasing and stock control:

  • Oversee (or perform) purchase activities and approved supplier (vendor) relations (including sub-contracts).
  • Manage the store stock on hand including the receiving process, racking and shelving of products, colour coding and mark up of stock, cycle counts, off cuts shelf stocking, scrap, certification filing.
  • Assist the Store Manager with discrepancy investigations.
  • Working at all times to minimise waste.

Machinery & processing equipment:

  • Manage store cutting and processing machinery and equipment (saws, guillotines, benders, drills, grinders, Metal Workers etc.) including daily/ weekly/ monthly / checks, servicing schedules, maintenance and repairs.
  • Develops plans for efficient use of new equipment, materials, machines and processors with the Store Manager.

Forklift and lifting equipment:

  • Be a trained forklift driver attending training courses where needed.
  • Managing staff forklift training program.
  • Managing forklift service, maintenance repair and in-store checking program
  • Ensure all slings and lifting chains are maintained, tested and replaced as per guidelines

Health and safety:

  • Be the store first aider including attending first aider course as required.
  • Ensure that store Work Shop Rules are adhered to by staff at all times.
  • Preform the role of Fire evacuation officer during fire drills and real-life events.
  • Mange store cleaning regime to provide a clean safe trip hazard free environment.

Store Counter and customer service:

  • Provide consistent, superior customer service by ensuring that all customer needs are recognised
    and serviced, and that satisfaction is exceeded at all times.
  • Ensure all sales administration paper work and filing including correct invoice procedures are followed.
  • Ensure all Quotes are followed up correctly and promptly by customer service representatives.
  • They will be an important customer service resource but not then main counter CSR. While counter CSRs report to the Store Manager, the Assistant Store Manager will have day to day supervisory responsibility of counter processes and counter staff when working on the counter.

General Management:

  • Assist the Store Manager in reviewing costs and service quality
  • Assist Store Manager in making recommendations on budgets to management where required.
  • Ensure growth in the business by assisting in programs of business development including sales and marketing where instructed as well as servicing existing customers to prevent slippage.
  • Provide input into the development and implementation of strategic initiatives to achieve/surpass budgeted sales and profit objectives.
  • Assisting with and responsible for banking tasks and cash reconciliation when the Store Manager is absent.
  • Open up, close up and hold keys.
  • Subject to Store Manager approval, the Assistant Store Manager will manage all repairs, maintenances and new equipment purchasing.
  • Other duties as assigned from time to time.

Interested candidates can apply to this position by emailing a resume with a cover letter to [email protected]

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