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Metal Supermarkets® is expanding rapidly and is always looking for experienced metals people! The ability to work in a small, resourceful team-based environment focused on delivering world-7class customer service is critical in all roles. Perhaps you don’t have any metal experience? Well we are always looking for enthusiastic, hardworking people, sales and customer service focused people wanting to grow with us, so you are welcome to get in touch. Perhaps Metal Supermarkets is the opportunity you are looking for!

Assistant Manager

Passionate Team Leader Required! This is the opportunity you have been waiting for!

Our Manchester store is a successful, growing, operationally well organised, sales and business-focused location. We are looking for an Assistant Store Manager to join our team to build on this great foundation.

Based in Canada, we are the world’s largest supplier of small quantity metals serving the general public and trade customers. There are over one hundred Metal Supermarkets stores worldwide with seven in the UK and plans to open more. Career progression is a key and real opportunity for our staff as we grow here and internationally.

We sell most standard shapes and grades of mild steel, aluminium, stainless, brass, and copper and will source non-stock material upon customer request. Value-added services such as production cutting, painting, bending, drilling etc. are also available at our locations. We also offer a wide range of services like welding, powder coating, laser cutting etc. through our network of partner suppliers.

We have extensive online and in store training programmes in all aspects of the business. As you can see from below this position provides the opportunity for someone to develop their skills in managing an entire store operation with a key focus on the warehouse, delivery service, purchasing and stock control. You will learn about metal, how to buy it, sell it, warehouse it, move it and process it!


General Management
The Customer Service Representative will enjoy a diverse role with a wide variety of contributions, supporting customers and working within a tight-knit team environment. The main objective is to service the needs of the customer base that contact us by telephone, email/fax or as walk-in business. This individual is expected to be focused on sales targets and to conduct him/herself in a professional manner conducive to generating a team attitude toward maintaining effective customer relationships.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Ensure growth in the business by assisting in programs of business development including sales and marketing.
  • Assist the Store Manager and head office in reviewing costs, budgets, store strategic planning and service quality
  • Open up and hold keys.
  • Manage the full store in the manager’s absence

Staff management and training.

  • Day to day management of the store warehouse and delivery team.
  • Train staff or assist the Store Manager in staff training including warehouse, delivery, health and safety and customer service functions and processes.
  • Assist the Store Manager in ensuring that appropriate records such as training certificates are maintained.
  • Provide the key link between operations with the front office staff.
  • Work in conjunction with Store Manager and Head Office to effectively recruit new staff for your team.

Transport and deliveries

  • Manage the store delivery truck(s)
  • Delivery management to ensure a fast, efficient cost-effective delivery services are provided. This will include daily delivery route planning, use of tracker software to monitor the store truck and driver performance, managing and reviewing the performance of outside carrier and courier services used by the store.

Purchasing and stock control

  • Oversee (or perform) purchase activities and approved supplier relations
  • Manage the store stock on hand including the receiving process, storage, checking processes and scrap.
  • Assist the Store Manager with discrepancy investigations.
  • Working at all times to minimise waste.

Machinery & processing equipment

  • Manage store cutting and processing machinery and equipment including servicing regime.
  • Arrange and oversee cutting plans and job flow.

Forklift and lifting equipment

  • Be a trained forklift driver (training provided)
  • Managing staff forklift training program.
  • Managing forklift and lifting equipment servicing etc.

Store Counter and customer service
You will be an important customer service resource but not the main counter person. While counter CSRs report to the Store Manager, the Assistant Store Manager will have supervisory responsibility of counter processes when required and will work on the counter during busy periods or as sickness / holiday cover when required.

Health and safety

  • Be the store first aider attending a first aid course as required.
  • Ensure that store Work Shop Rules are adhered to by staff and the warehouse is a safe clean place to work.
  • Preform the role of Fire evacuation officer.

Job details

  • Competitive base salary of £24 000
  • Generous incentive bonus with performing stores incentive averaging £1900 – £3400 per annum for this position
  • Full uniform provided including boots.
  • Up to 44 hours per week
  • Shifts are typically 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • You will generally be required to work every second Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Interested candidates can apply to this position by emailing a resume with a cover letter to [email protected]

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