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Metal Supermarkets Supplies Materials to Local Blacksmiths for Ukrainian War Effort

They say a man is judged more by the quality of his actions than the tenor of his words – a hearty sentiment that a group of blacksmiths in north-eastern England are eager to reaffirm.

With the help of local companies, including Metal Supermarkets Gateshead, forges such as Hammer and Hound are crafting metal in aid of Ukrainian soldiers.


In support of this good cause Metal Supermarkets is doing its part by providing the necessary materials – in this instance, 550 units of reinforcing bar (rebar) and round bars of various sizes, all cut to the required lengths. These are being used to create trench and bunker equipment (i.e., log dogs) that Ukrainian soldiers need to hold the line.



Many of the contributions from the forges thus far have been one-off, but there are plans to offer further support in the future as needed.

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