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What is Pre-Painted Metal?

pre-painted metal

Pre-Painted metal, often referred to as coil coated metal, is metal that has had a continuously applied film or coating. This process is commonly applied to coiled metals, typically aluminum or rolled steel, and is a highly automated process that can be customized depending on individual specifications or final product requirements.

The coatings are applied on a continuous basis via highly efficient production lines which can involve cleaning, single or multiple coatings on one or both sides of the metal, curing and laminating. The final product is then ready to be processed further and can be cut, bent, and generally worked without damaging the final coating.

The coated surface is highly customizable and can be a paint, powder or plastic, with an almost infinite range of colors and final textures available. This process is different than powder coating which uses an electrostatic charge to apply a dry powder, which is then heated to form a hard, smooth film.

How are Pre-Painted Metal Coatings Applied?

The coating process can vary according to the coating being applied, but there are typically 3 stages to the coating process.

  • Pre-Treatment
  • Coating
  • Finishing


The metal is usually cleaned to strip away any surface impurities or imperfections to ensure the coating can be applied uniformly. The cleaned metal is then usually chemically pre-treated with an agent to ensure the coating material will adhere to the metal.


The pre-treated metal is then sprayed with the desired coating, which may include various spraying and curing stages. It is not uncommon to have multiple layers made of different coatings for highly specialized products.


Once coated, the metal will go through a final finishing stage which may include a final cure before being coiled back up for further processing. During this stage the final product goes through a quality assurance check to make sure it meets the required specifications.

What is Pre-Painted Metal Used for?

As pre-painted metals have almost unlimited options in terms of final coat material, color and texture, there is a high demand for the product in the market. The following are some examples where pre-painted metals have become widespread.

  • Construction – Pre-painted roof coverings, interior panels, interior doors, garage doors, suspended ceiling panels and windows are all examples where builders or homeowners want to choose the product color and texture of the final finishings.
  • Pre-Made Insulation Panels – Pre-made insulation paneling is increasing in popularity as it saves time and allows more design choices, and pre-painted metals are commonly used as the outer layers that surround the insulative material.
  • Specialty products – Some niche requirements of the marketplace are being met using pre-painted metals including, photo voltaic solar panels, solar reflective materials, anti-bacterial surfaces, anti-static applications and fingerprint resistant appliances.

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