Available Grades

PB1 Bronze

Typical Applications: Gears, bearings, heavy load bushes, worm wheels, general engineering components etc, requiring good strength coupled with high shock resistance.

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Bronze C932 / SAE 660 (Bearing Bronze)

Typical Applications: Bushings and Bearings.

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Bronze C954 / Aluminium Bronze

Typical Applications: Hydraulic valve parts, Pump rods, Guide pin bushings, Gibs, Slides, Bending tools, Wear plates, Screw nuts, Gear wheels, Landing gear parts, Valve seats, Pressure blocks, Machine parts.

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Phosphorous Bronze 121

Typical Applications: Phosphor bronze alloys are used extensively for electrical and electronic components, connectors, marine hardware, fasteners, valve spindles, pump and drive shafts, bearing bushes, gears, instrumentation components and many other critical applications where the particular blend of mechanical properties, spring properties, oxidation and corrosion resistance, low magnetic permeability and wear resistance can be used to full advantage.

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Bronze Rectangular BarBronze is characterized by its dull-gold color. You can also tell the difference between bronze and brass because bronze will have faint rings on its surface. Bronze is used in the construction of sculptures, musical instruments and medals, and in industrial applications such as bushings and bearings, where its low metal on metal friction is an advantage. Bronze also has nautical applications because of its resistance to corrosion.

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