Available Grades

C108 Brass

Typical Applications: Coppersmithing work for chains, eyelets fasteners, hinges, kicking plates, locks, fingerplates and wire brushes; various cold presswork products including instrument covers and containers; blanked articles such as instrument plates and wheels; cold headed items including pins, rivets and screws, springs, radiator tanks and reflectors.

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Brass C260

Typical Applications: Air instruments and machines, heat exchangers, pump cylinders, wire screens, pumps, liners, power cylinders, Odometer contacts, heater cores, thermostats, electrical connectors, radiator cores, radiator tube, radiator tanks, etc.

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Brass Flat SheetBrass is commonly used for decorative purposes primarily because of its resemblance to gold. It is also a commonly used to make musical instruments due to its high workability and durability. It is frequently used in applications where low friction is required. Contact your closest Metal Supermarkets store for more information about metal types, shape and grades available.

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