Available Grades

Aluminium 2011

Typical Applications: High speed automatic screw machine parts.

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Aluminium 2024

Typical Applications: Aircraft structural components and parts for the transportation industry.

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Aluminium 6061

Typical Applications: Screw machine parts, Truck bodies and frames, Running boards, Steps, Floors, Walkways, Platforms, Cover plates, Trench covers, Truck runways, Almost any structural component.

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Aluminium 6082

Typical Applications: Highly stressed applications such as Trusses, Bridges, Cranes, Transport applications, Ore skips, Beer barrels, Milk churns

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Aluminium 7075

Typical Applications: Used mostly in aircraft and transportation industries where strength is critical. Can be used as mold material for the plastics industry.

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Aluminum Hexagonal BarAluminium Hexagonal Bar is extruded aluminum bar stock with six equal sides. It is measured across the flats (not the corners). Contact your local Metal Supermarkets today for more information about this metal type and shape.

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